Start Strong Puppy School

For puppies 8 - 16 weeks old

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My six weekly classes are designed to help you safely socialise your puppy. You will also learn how to deal with common puppy issues like toilet training, biting, chewing and jumping. You will learn how to know if your puppy is enjoying a play session or if they need some space for a moment. I can help with harness advice and fitting. Each week includes an enrichment activity and field trip ideas for places to take your puppy. 

Completing the orientation unit before the first class allows us to get off to a flying start with your puppy. By the end of my puppy course your puppy will respond to their name, willingly swap one item for another and accept gentle handling of paws, ears etc. We will teach your puppy basic foundation skills like sit, down and stay. They will also begin learning how to walk on a loose lead.

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